Bria Blessing – Chapter 1: Of Flying and Falling

Chapter 1 Teaser Image

Matt has produced a full length project for Bria Blessing.  It’s called Chapter 1: Of Flying and Falling and comes out on Saturday November 2nd.  Her EP Prologue (Also produced by Matt) came out this spring (iTunes, Spotify, CD).  Learn more about her here

Contest 2: Win a FREE Vox Wah Pedal…

Ok, Here’s the deal…  This is up for grabs.

We are going to give away Matt’s Vox Wah pedal to one lucky guitar (or bass or keytar) player!!  This pedal has a great story…  It was given to a friend of Matt’s a long time ago by someone he met at a conference.  After he had it for a while he gave it to Matt since Matt was on a quest to discover new sounds with his guitar.  This quest is apparently never ending 😉   The pedal was given on the condition that Matt gives it away to someone else.  It’s now time to pass it on and it seemed like a fun idea to open it up to whoever might want this pedal to help them on their quest for new sounds.  This pedal was used in countless live shows and on our album Body Soul & Truth and it can also heard on Undue Favor’s album Ages Pass.

This contest is open to ANYONE!! So tell everyone you know that might be interested: friends, uncles, grandmothers, whoever!

Here’s how to get in on it.  Get a camera/phone/laptop and make a video of yourself playing along with one of our songs.  Put it up on YouTube (preferred) or send it to us.  It’s that easy.  You will not be judged on your playing skill, mistakes or video quality so don’t worry about it being perfect just give it a go and see what happens.  Make sure your video is at least 20 seconds or longer and that we can hear your guitar on the video.   You can add your own solo or try to play it like the CD or turn it into a “free form jazz exploration”, whatever you want, just be creative and have fun.  You can get the music on iTunes, Amazon, or order straight off our website.  Also, you can listen to the whole album from the sidebar widget on the right side of this website.  We’ll take entries until Oct. 20th but get yours in quick to help your chances.

If you have any questions, just comment on this post and we’ll get back to you…  Have fun!!