Rocking the Hard Rock with Undue Favor

Didn’t get to post this last night…but here it is…

I just got back from playing guitar with Undue Favor at the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown  Nashville.   It was a great time in a very cool venue.  The Reverb Room upstairs at the Hard Rock is open to the patio that overlooks Broadway.  With this amazing weather we’ve got it was awesome to sit out there and enjoy the view (see the pic) while we were listening and waiting for our set.  Kenneth Duncan started the night off with some straight up country.  He and his band sounded great.  Kate Taylor followed and had a few other people join her for a couple songs to mix it up.  After Kate Finished we went to set up.  I helped Kelly setup her guitar since she borrowed Aimee’s acoustic pedal board and I was waiting for my area to clear out.  I saw the sound guy talking to her so I wanted to make sure we could get phantom power to run the L.R. Baggs Direct Box.  Instead of hearing, “Hello, could we pretty please have phantom power because I don’t have a battery to run this, thank you so very much.  You seem like a great guy…”  He heard, “Hey Pal! I’m gonna need phantom up here to power this direct box!”  So… He kindly replied,”Why don’t you let me do my job and you do yours!”  That was an awesome way to start the night and I was feeling really good after that…full of confidence and ready to go…yeah right.  Anyway, don’t think bad of the sound guy, cause he came back and apologized and we got on the same page.  He also did a great job running sound for us so he gets two thumbs up even with the initial altercation.  Also, he has the coolest thing ever going on to setup the monitors.  He has a laptop linked (over wifi) to the main Yamaha board and mixed the monitor mixes while standing on stage right there with us.  First time I’ve ever seen that… very cool.  Why haven’t we thought of this before?…now Aimee is hoping that it becomes standard at every venue we play.

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