FarmFest 2010

Close your eyes and imagine with me now…a beautiful though swelteringly hot afternoon in late June on an amazingly peaceful farm in middle TN. The US just scored a goal with a penalty kick against Ghana in the World Cup as we pull up behind the stage at FarmFest 2010. Though we were excited to be there, it was difficult to pull ourselves from our air-conditioned van where our children were resting peacefully – even though Matt screamed when the US scored their goal. But we are so glad we braved the heat. The afternoon was full of good music. What fun it was to share the stage with Bria Blessing and many others at FarmFest 2010. Bria was accompanied by Kyle Aaron on mandolin and guitar which added a very cool element to her music. Bria’s voice was amazing as she wove the beautiful melodies that make her uniquely Bria (and that I am admittedly jealous of :). Levi and I even had our “first dance” together as Bria played and sang for us. It was lovely…and hopefully we will get some video of them up here for you to see soon!

Matt and I did an acoustic set with Jeff Boggs (Chaplain of the Maury County Jail) sitting in on drums. We never had a rehearsal, but he did a great job…we were very glad to have him. We opened with Stay Who You Are, followed by Let Go, Fingertips, Wake Up and Dream and “ended” with Real Life. They asked us to do one more so I threw a curve and did Jesus Song – Matt and I hadn’t practiced it in months – and Jeff stayed on the kit, nailing the stop at the end and everything. Way to go, bro!!! 🙂

It was fun for all…even for our kiddos who got to go play games at the Kids Fair Barn and took pony rides. I am sure FarmFest will be talked about for years to come.

Here’s a video of Wake Up and Dream.

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