Leading at Southview

Well, it was another great Sunday at Southview.  Pastor Mark Rampulla and his wife are about to have their forth child any day now…and so this Sunday, he got to sit out in the congregation and try to “relax” a little.  It was a nice Sunday for us to lead because Jimmy Leitsch was on bass and Derek Brooks was on keys…so it was like the old days 🙂  Joy and Sulu sang with us, Andy played sax, and Gary was on drums and did an excellent job.

During pre-service prayer Andy told us to feel free to move where the Spirit lead…and well…that was awesome.  It’s one of the things I love most about worshiping at Southview.  These people desire the Lord, the want whatever God wants.  They foster an atmosphere of freedom and acceptance.  Anyway, 5 minutes before we were supposed to start I felt like God was saying to do “We Lift You Up.”  We hadn’t practiced the song…and no one had ever heard it before because it is one of our originals.  Well, I shouldn’t say “no one” because Derek and Jimmy have played it with us many a time…but the rest of the band and the congregation had no clue.  I asked Lynn to pray for me before the service started and she had no idea that I had been contemplating doing “We Lift You Up” but as she prayed, she said she sensed God just wanting us to lift him up.  I wouldn’t have thought much of it normally, but she kept repeating the phrase “lift you up.”  So I took that as confirmation to do our song.  We opened with it and the band and singers jumped right in.  Thanks guys!  Then we went on with the set as planned and did Our God (tomlin), You Never Let Go (Redman), Hosanna (Fraser), Be Thou My Vision and Hallelujah.  There was a beautiful time at the end where Joy lead us in repeating the Hallelujah Our God Reigns chorus while asking us to envision ourselves singing this to Our King in His throne room in Heaven.  We lingered there for a while and it was lovely!  I pray I can keep that focus this week.

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