The History of Track 52

Track 52 is the last song on our CD “Body Soul & Truth”  It’s an instrumental guitar tune that I play in the open D tuning (DADF#AD).  Why is it called “Track 52” you ask?  Well before Stefanick, Aimee and I were in a band in college called Serasphere.  We put out a 4 song EP that had a bonus 5th track acoustic instrumental.  A lot of people liked the song and would refer to it as “number 5” or “song 5”.  It may, in fact, have been our most successful song on that project.  It has been the background music on the local access channel in Nashville for the last 10 years.  As far as I know it still gets played a few times a day.   So… I thought I would do the “sequel” on this CD and give it a name related to the original.  I played it live at our CD release party last year and finally have put it up on YouTube.  Someday I’ll have to make a live video of the original Track 5 and put it up.

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