City Fest Spring Hill

So, we were the last band to perform at City Fest this year.  But don’t worry…it will be back next year starting in May 2011.  It is a great way for the community to come together and get to know each other.  The kids had a ton of fun.  I think we had more “dancers” this show than we ever have.  I love to see the kids running around enjoying the music.  It just makes me smile.  I can see why Jesus said “let the little children come to me.”  Anyway, it was great having Jon Rogers join us on drums again.  Brian Shind was on bass this time.  He laid down the track on Fingertips for Body Soul & Truth, but he hasn’t played with us for a live show since we were in college.  We opened up with Let Go and Stay Who You Are and in the middle of Rain Down….right as the song builds at the end….the power failed.  The sound guys worked their magic and were able to get things going about 10 minutes later, so we finished the set with Jesus Song, Wake Up and Dream and Fingertips.  And just before we ended with Fingertips, there was this amazing sunset behind us….just what the whole first verse of the song describes.  Just take a look at the pic.  Thanks to Amanda Hagler/Shutterbelle Photography for the pics.  ~Aimee

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