12th and Porter – Take 1

Ok, so I know it has been a while since the 12th and Porter show with Christen Cole, but a gig report is still in order.  It was a great night!  So, as Matt mentioned on facebook, it was completely random.  When we showed up to load in, the stage we were supposed to play on was completely covered in gear and we weren’t able to even bring in our stuff until 7:00 (when our set was supposed to be starting).  Why?  Well, because it just so happened that The Jane Dear Girls were doing a live showcase on CMT in the other room.  All the fancy equipment on our stage was there to facilitate the live broadcast.  Anyway, it really didn’t bother us to start late.  I hadn’t even plugged in my guitar when I took the stage to start the evening.  We sound checked as we were playing the first song, and rocked on from there.  Matt and I threw in a new tune called “All I Want Is You.”  So be listening for it.  You’ll have the chance to hear it (and maybe some more new ones) if you come to The French Quarter or to 12th and Porter in a couple weeks.  (Just check our dates page .)  After we finished up our set, we were ushered into the green room for an interview with  Amped Up Magazine.  They are an online magazine that tries to keep people up-to-date with what is happening in the Nashville music scene.

We did the interview while Alex Maddox played her set and then we took the stage again backing Christen Cole.  It was a fun set as always.  Matt was on electric, BGVs provided by yours truly and percussion brought to you by the ever talented Lee Holland.  Once Christen finished up, Adam Wheatly closed out the evening.  I left 12th and Porter energetic and excited, which doesn’t usually happen after doing a show in Nashville 🙂  And they asked us back, so we’ll get to do it all over again on March 8th.  So thanks to all who came out, we hope to see you again soon!

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